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Check out Pastor Kevin’s blog on our website. He writes about a lot of different topics to help our community grow in their faith and get them to think seriously about how we live out God’s truth in the world we find ourselves in.


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Pov.ology is a curriculum about poverty, theology, and how the church responds to the needs we see all around us. It includes interviews with pastors, authors, speakers, activists, missionaries, and people working at the cutting edge of ministries that are working to reduce poverty in our world. There are six video sessions and a study guide.

As a small church we understand what it’s like to have budget constraints, and so we made it available 100% free of charge. However, if you are able, we do invite you to make a donation to one of the charities listed on the Pov.ology website. Pov.ology is available for free from, and is also available on RightNow Media.

Check out the promo video for the series:

RightNow Media

We at NLCF want to help equip you to learn and grow in your faith, and one tool that can help you do that is RightNow Media. It is basically the “Netflix of Bible Study Videos”, plus there is a lot of great content for kids. Sign up with us for free at the link below:

Pastor Kevin’s Book: Faithful in Small Things

Pastor Kevin has written a book, published by Herald Press, called Faithful in Small Things: How to Serve the Needy When You’re One of Them.

You can check it out HERE.

Additionally, 100% of the author royalties from this book are being donated to Mennonite Central Committee, so buying this book also helps in funding an incredible ministry that is working around the world to reduce and eliminate poverty and suffering.

The Messenger: The Official Magazine of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference

We as a church are affiliated with the Evangelical Mennonite Conference, and The Messenger is a publication put out by the EMC. You can check it out online at

Furthermore, if you are a member or regular attendee of NLCF, you can also subscribe to receive their complimentary print edition at your home address by sending an email to

Column: A Path to Peace

In The Messenger, Pastor Kevin regularly contributes as a columnist, writing a column called A Path to Peace. You can check that our here.

Theodidaktos: The Theological Journal of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference

For the more academically minded folks, check out the EMC’s theological journal, Theodidaktos. Pastor Kevin has been involved on the editorial team since 2016, and there is always great theological content to make you think. Check that out here.