Kevin Wiebe

About Kevin & Emily

Kevin Wiebe is the Senior Pastor of NLCF and the author of the book Faithful in Small Things. He and his wife Emily have 3 children—Jasmine, Marshall, and Finnley.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Providence University College, and a Certificate in Conflict Management and Congregational Leadership from Conrad Grebel University College. Emily is Medical Laboratory Assistant, is interested in the arts and design and has studied at Rosedale Bible College, Providence University College, and St. Claire College.

Kevin grew up in La Crete, AB, and Emily grew up in various parts of the US, Canada and in Turkey as the daughter of a missionary couple. Kevin and Emily met in Missouri through the missions work they were involved in, and have been at New Life Christian Fellowship since 2013.

Interesting facts:

  • Both Kevin and Emily used to be radio show hosts. As part of their radio work, they interviewed countless people, including well-known authors, speakers, professors, musicians, and politicians.
  • For several years they ran a home-based photography and graphic design business. They also enjoy videography.
  • Kevin comes from a Low-German Mennonite background, and while many people think Emily doesn’t come from a Mennonite background, she also has a Mennonite heritage—but hers comes from the Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonites.
  • Kevin enjoys music and he wrote, composed, and recorded an album in early 2013.

New Life Christian Fellowship is a community of believers who seek to Reach Up in worship of God, to Reach Over to one another and to Reach Out to the world around us.