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The Case for Christ – An Interview With Lee Strobel

As I write this, we are one day away from the release of the film “The Case for Christ”, which depicts the true story of Lee Strobel, a journalist and atheist who sought to disprove Christianity. I am sure that many of in our community and the Christian community at large are understandably excited to see this film.

When I worked for CIAM Radio I was blessed with the opportunity to interview Mr. Strobel at an event in Edmonton called Breakforth in 2008. With the movie about his life coming out tomorrow, I thought you might appreciate hearing the audio from that interview, which is now more than 9 years old. I was not the only interviewer. There were several different media outlets represented, and you will hear their questions in there as well. Unfortunately I have long since forgotten who they are or where they worked so I am unable to give them their due credit.

The recording does not contain any introduction or closing comments, so here it is, as the recorded conversation happened (the audio is roughly 8.5min):

You can watch the trailer for the film below, or check out the website at

Kevin Wiebe

Kevin Wiebe

Kevin Wiebe is the senior pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship in Stevenson, Ont. He served in a mission-based Christian radio ministry in Fort Vermilion, AB, before obtaining a BA (Communications and Media) from Providence University College in 2013. He began at NLCF in July 2013. He is married to Emily; they have three young children.


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