Peter was present for the event known as the "Transfiguration". And he just didn't know what to do so started talking but got interrupted from a surprising source. Some great…
Peter walked on water until his fear got the best of him. What lessons do we have to learn from this incredible story?
To begin our series on the life of Peter, we look at how Peter met Jesus, and how he came to be one of his disciples, and what lessons we…
In the midst of a global pandemic, what does God have to say to us? What does Easter have to do with it?
This Good Friday, we consider the death of Jesus through the perspective of Jesus' mother Mary, who stood by and watched as Jesus died.
What would Mary have felt about the parade for her son on Palm Sunday, and what does this story have to teach us today?
This week we talk about Jesus' first miracle, that has some surprisingly relevant lessons for our lives and for our world.
A look at Luke 2:41-52
What does it mean that in response to the miracles of God that Mary "treasured these things in her heart"?
The last message in our series on Esther, and what it means for us today.

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